New Series of 90° D-Sub backshells with crimp ferrule, DSZK-CZA Series released
Ossi Connectors product portfolio has expanded with a new range of D-Sub backshells, DSZK-CZA Series
These zinc die-casted backshells are delivered with cable- and crimp ferrule for excellent shielding performance. 
Each back shell is provided with long solid jackscrew with groove indications for various thread options.

Product features

- Available in 9- and 15-way
- Minimise interference from electromagnetic and RF sources
- Attenuation factor > 40 dB between 30 MHz and 1 GHz
- Cable- and crimpferrule for cable diameter 4 - 11 mm.
- Separate crimp tool and crimp dies for hexagon crimp.
- Re-openable
- Company logotype available upon request
- Long jackscrews with UNC4-40 tread as standard, M2.5, M2.6 and M3.0 as option
- Complies to RoHS, RoHS2 and REACH.

Please contact us for samples, and further information about the DSZK-CZA Series.

Contact person: Mattias Carlsson +45 54 78 28 88 or mattias.carlsson@ossi.dk