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New appointed distributor in Poland

Distributor ARIZO sp. z o.o. has been appointed to represent and distribute Ossi Connectors in Poland

ARIZO is the main Polish supplier of EMC and Thermal Management products. The company was formed in 2015 by a group of engineers highly experienced in the field of EMI/RFI shielding components.

ARIZO’s staff have worked in this industry for many years allowing the company to have outstanding expertise in electromagnetic compatibility (EMI, EMC, RFI) and Thermal Management. 

The technical department supports the customers in the designing phase and help to resolve any problems concerning electromagnetic interference or heat dissipation. ARIZO operates with a large warehouse which allows for quick and comprehensive delivery.

The industry sectors ARIZO is present in are: Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Railway, Marine, Space, Land Industry, Medical, Telecommunications and Civilian. 

ARIZO represents the most prominent European manufactures of the EMC and Thermal Management products.

The experience and knowledge of the EMC sector along with the extension of OSSI Connectors added to the portfolio provide plenty of opportunities to create new business in the Polish market.

Link to ARIZO website.