Ossi Connectors AS is a leading supplier in design and manufacturing of I/O interconnection products for the electronics, datacom, telecom, medical and industrial market sectors.
Our vast experience of designing standard and custom designed solutions positions us complete supplier for your interconnection applications.

Shielded D-Sub Backshells (25)

Plastic D-Sub Backshells (5)

MIL-DTL-24308 Backshells (13)

M12 Shielded Cables (8)

M12 Panel Connectors (10)

M12 Cable Connectors (3)

D-Sub Accessories (10)

Crimp Tools (3)

Cable PG Bushings (1)

Board Mount Connectors (3)

BNC Covers (3)

Adapters (4)

19" Patch Panels (6)

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