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Tool manufacturing

Plastic injection moulding tools
At Ossi Connectors A/S we design, develope and manufacture moulding tools for our standard product range and custom designed solutions. 
After design base is established, next step in tool manufacturing process is to decide plastic material, tolerances, estimated annual usage, life cycle and other important parameters.
When all these criterias are given the manufacturing process of the tool starts.
We have the capacity to manufacture any conceivable tool from prototype to multi-cavity moulding injection tools capable of producing sample quantities to million parts per year.
Stamping tools
Our toolshop provides a variety of services in manufacturing metal stamping tools and metal forming tools. We develop, prepare 3D design from SolidWorks® and manufacture tools within the buiness areas of standard and unique custom designed products.
Our toolshop is equipped with:
  • Milling machines
  • Electrical discharge machining (EDM), spark and wire
  • Grinders
  • Lathes